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Situations also break heart

Hey everyone, I'm a teenage 17 yr old girl who gets to experience a lot in her small life and everything broked her. So, in 29 march,2020 i started dating a boy who was just like my dream boy and it's not wrong to say that I've never imagined that I could ever find a guy like him but I did. Then, it all went so smooth and nice, it felt like I found heaven in him and he completes me with his everything. But as they say real heartfelt happiness doesn't stay for long, the same happened with me. His father who was suffering syrosis, died in August and he was totally broke. But I was always there and did everything to support him as much I can. Things started working out, we thought everything will be fine soon and the only work left for him was the documentation for official work. Then, on 10,oct 2020 he found out that his father's authorized money will not be given to them due to some documentation errors which are done when his father was employed for job and it's really hard to change it now. He again broke so bad, no hope was left for him and he was the only hope for his family. The next day on 11th oct, 2020 he said everything to me and he decided to end this relationship as he will be very busy in earning for his family and he will not be able to give time to me properly. When I heard this I was totally speechless then I said it's fine as your family is more important. But I'm broke so bad because I really love him and he also love me but the situation is not letting us to be with each other and it sucks. I just don't know how can I handle it, but he means a lot to me. I just don't want to let him go. I don't know if you ever get any chance to read this but remember this one thing that I was and I'm ready to love you like no one else. Plz don't go from my life. I don't know how to move on, plz. I know it's not your fault, it's just the situation but I'm ready to wait for you if you let me do it. I know it makes no sense at all to write this but I'm feeling so much depressed that I don't know how to cope up with this situation. At last, I can just pray for you to be always happy in your life.

By your pumpkin 💔

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Re: Situations also break heart

Read your updated message and so sorry to hear that Hes not responding.....I know your not gonna wanna hear this b/c when your going thru heartache, that last thing ya wanna hear is WAIT... Try to imagine what his life could be like right now. When someone dies, there are TONS of legalities, endless paper work, insurance policy cashing in, probate probs, and the wheels turn VERY SLOW getting all this in order.Plus the fact that He's still grieving over the loss of his father. (even if they were estranged/ not gettin along). I just went thru all this with my MOM passing back in July and the poor Oldman, is still settling some of this. When things settle down a bit and He recovers from being so overwhelmed, he'll be in a better frame of mind /spirit to have someone in his life to love. He's likely ghosting you right now b/c He just cant deal with all the emotions you'll being to the table at this time. Plain and simple girl, your gonna have to wait this out for a while.Remember,none of these circumstances were His fault so dont be upset with him. That love you found in him is still there, I can pretty much guarntee that,from reading the 1st part of your original message. Dont push him anymore. Let him go thru this process HIS way. (I know you think you could help and its killin ya not to be able to) BUT, HOLD! ON!....for a while......Now, a while....Hmm , Hard to say?..If it were Me, Id give it 2 months. Acceptance of a new reality usually has taking Me about that time to adjust...Now, could take longer, everybodys different BUT, I wanna share something with you for the future. Im gonna list the yrs, I WAITED for a change of heart with a few of MY past relationships, none the less, I was heart broken BUT,I had hope... OK, here we go...80-84,87-90,96-98, ok the BIG ONE, 04-2018. MY GOD 23 yrs!!! They were all for very different reasons but, most like yours thru no fault of yours, BUT,heartache is heartache. I shared that so you would see how much waisted life I foolishly lived with false hope. Give him 2 months...to contact you.After that, If he's made no attempt in any way, You need to move on....DONT contact him..If the love is there on his part, He'll make the effort. He already knows where you stand and knows it will likely be the same after this time. Dont wait yrs like I did. You have alot to give, and you CAN love again... All the best!

This is the girl again who wrote this message for my bf thinking that something magical happens and finally I get my love back but since last 2 days, I tried everything that could be possible. And nothing happened he's just ignoring me and I'm feeling hell bad, don't know what to do and don't how to react. It's just breaking me again and again. And now I think there's no hope left and I have to give up and move up, but that's what I can't do...

Sorry to hear of the unfortunate events that led ya to write here. It would be GREAT, if He were to read this. He knows all this in his heart, but theres something about "reading" the text someone has written, especially hand written in a notebook, about the way they feel/ and long for,that cant be denied or questioned. I hope fate can lend a hand. Im pullin for you guys!!!!!