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a view from the building top, a view from the floor for the sky. the view from somewhere that misshapes the things below. it would make anyone wonder the distance to the ground, right?

i look down,

"what if i fell."

i stare to the people below. i do get up,

i turn around showing the back of my body to everything below.

"how would this feel, would it be calming?"

i hear a few shrieks, a few shouts, a few discouraging and encouraging words for the plans ahead of me.

"you won't do it will ya, don't be a pussy!" "stop, this isn't the only way,"

but it was. the only way.

i smile, the wind was nice and snow started to fall. it had just rained and the weather was perfect. i looked nice today too.

"well," i say. "now or never."

i let go of my stance, falling to the people. oh it was calming i thought. the air blew up and it felt like everything was racing by me.

all i did was smile, oh how i was stupid.

"no, this isn't what i wanted. "

too late.

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