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Sleep procrastination 3 AM

I know I should go to sleep. It's 3AM in my region and I barely slept the night before. I even have sleeping pills that I could take that I know will help me relax and sleep. However I still procrastinate going to bed and sleeping. Why do I do this? Am I afraid to go to bed? I'm not sure. I simply know that there doesn't seem to be enough time to get everything done before it's too late. I am tired I suppose. Physically I had an exhausting day but mentally my mind is racing. There's so much I want to get done and do however it's late/early and my household is asleep and my brain isn't fully functional at this time. What's wrong with me? I have so many projects I want to get done or start except I stay up all night and don't get enough sleep therefore I am unable to mentally or physically get these projects done. I know logically I should just go to bed, take my meds and try to sleep like a normal person. Even-so I don't and I find it very difficult to relax and winddown at reasonable times. I am physically tired I know the symptoms of tiredness. I do want to sleep but I also don't want to for fear of missing out on valuable time, even though I rarely get anything productive done after midnight. In conclusion I am flawed.