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Slow poison

Tomorrow is my online exam Ammu, i told you before. I don't know why you are so angry? Why you are saying this harsh words to me? I am trying my best to be a good daughter. I know, i am not good enough. I am not smart, i didn't make it where you want me to be. But i am still trying mom from where i am. You do a lot of things for me i am thankful for that. I am still not financially independent but i promise when i will be, i will return all of your money. I know i am the reason of your suffer. For me you are in this unhappy relationship. But Ammu the way you treat me, i feel worthless, your words make me want to kill myself. But i know, it isn't right. But now your words are echoing in my mind. I can't study, i can't do anything. I feel sad over and over recalling what you had said. Then i cry. Your words are working slow poison on me. I am being more unhappier shielding with a ok face.