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The title can make you think, what can be small?

Well actually, there's one thing that's very small: my dic*. It's also very thin and I also have phimosis. I think mine is smaller of what's considered small something around 2-3 inches when hard and I don't have hope it'll grow more because I'm already 20.

I wish small penis weren't used as an harassment and I wanted people didn't say so proudly they are big. This make me have less confidence in myself and, well I'm still a virgin even being 20 y.o.

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Re: Small

Well, Ill tell ya ,certainly nothing wrong w/ being a 20 yr old virgin in the 21st C... Now, if ya were w/ me in the 70s, I have to say DUDE! .... what gives?..LOL (actually 1980).. Anyway, I KNOW for a FACT that this can be a chemical/ hormonal thing,with the size having BIGTIME variations depending on emotional health, and seritonin / dopamine levels.. I drank HEAVY all during the 80s and had "whiskey dick" "cabbage disease" (stock wont hold up the head..LOL) alot WHILE the C2 H5 OH was flooding the brain... NOW.... listen to THIS... The next 2 days, NOT drinkin, but usually going thru some DTs, OMG! I was like Brewster the Rooster , waitin on those BUZZARDS to land (remember that ole 70s joke?..LOL). I mean hornier than a 5 peckered weasel !!! AND... get this, Ole BO BO was at FULL ATTN , usually 3-4 in longer, somewhat thicker during this FLOODING of the chemicals I mentioned that the alcohol had displaced.. Oh man, this chick back in 90 used to bring a supplement /herb called "Gota Kola" , which even made the exp MORE hyper sensitive and dude, I was 30 , but blew like OLD FAITHFUL when that time "came" (no pun intended..LOLOLOL)... Yeah, there are amino acids and other homeopathic ways to keep those levels UP and Im living proof that they CAN BEAT the whiskey dick syndrome/ cabbage disease syndrome...Yeah, depression /anxiety cause those chemicals to drop VERY low as well and your diet and key vitamins play a HUGE role as well...AND, Ill leave ya with this.... There were times of depression on the road playin music knowing my GF would be drivin 10 hrs to see me and would be worried about "performace" ... Just seeing her and sharing how much we missed each other was a SIZE FACTOR , in My favor this time..LOL....So , ya never know, till your in the heat of the moment, How Bo Bo will "behave" ....I guess you know all your options with Phimosis.. Is gettin something done on the surgical level possible? Necassary?...Anyway, that gota kola some good stuff , so keep that in mind..