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Smile, Youre On Camera

8:44am: I got up this morning like any other Monday. I made my cup of tea, Celestial Seasonings Gingerbread Spice my all time favorite with just a splash of half and half. I ate a bowl of Special K with berries. I turned on the news and settled in to prepare myself with the barrage of ugly versus good that is our society at its absolute best.. or is it worst?

But you already knew this didnt you? Cuz youve been watching me. You watch me everyday and know my sad day to day schedule better than I know it myself. I know this because I got your card. You sent me a postcard with no return address. You told me to hang in there, things will get better.

I wish I knew your name. Because youve been watching me for so long now.. people say Im crazy but Im not. Im just aware. But I wasnt expecting you to care about me. I didnt see that coming. Do you put my garbage cans out when I forget? Are you the one leaving vegetables on my porch? Did you leave the white roses on my car?

Whoever you are, thank you. Ive heard of stalkers, I thought maybe I wronged you somehow and maybe you were out to get me. But I misjudged you. I never thought that maybe youre lonely too.. maybe youre the friend Ive been wanting.

If youre reading this, meet me at that place I got those candles from. You know where. I think youve been right in front of me all along. And no, it doesnt bother me that youre shorter than me, or older than me.

Dont leave me hanging.. remember when you said no one ever loves the dwarves in snow white? Lets change the ending, together.