Smokey Eyes Boy (Please tell me I’m not crazy)

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I have no one else to talk to this about and I’m scared of writing to anyone about this,, so here it goes. I was stuck in a relationship where a guy would constantly push his problems onto me. He would tell me about how his friends were mad at him, how his parents were yelling, how he cut himself last night, how he wanted to die, etc. god. I feel like a horrible person, but after awhile it just... ate at me. I couldn’t be around him and I had to leave,, but... I really need help,, was he even a bad boyfriend or am I just exaggerating? I always describe him to myself as “troubled” and “not a bad guy, just very unhappy with himself” but,,, I need to know if he was bad. ((He also carved my name into his arm and wrote my name on his wall in blood, that shit creeped me out... he would also scream and curse at me and then immediately say things like “please don’t leave”,,))