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Snitching and friends

I made big time mistake

i kinda messed up by snitching on a group because they were er racist you might be thinking that is a good thing why are you worried, well my best friend doesn't like it because they said that they'll insult me and my other friend um very harshly they said that the insult almost made them feel like they wanna quit and i don't want that to happen because my other friend has a really good self esteem and i feel like i'm just destroying it completely.

I'm in a sticky situation and I feel worse and worse everyday knowing that they'll make new accounts and harass my friend. My friend posted some screenshots i gave them of the group being racist. They were role playing as George Floyd and the cop. I wish I never lived and if i try fixing it it'll just worsen.

PLUS my friend already told the leader's mom then I'll lost my best friend because she's saying that it's complete bullshit. I honestly feel like shit now and all i'm seeing right now is just a broken window to jump out too. I am an idiot. It was my sisters birthday yesterday and I should be happy but I cant. FFS why do i have to be nosy like that.