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Snoop and Pretend

He was completely wasted and I did one of those ultimate trust breaker - snooping his phone.

While he was lying on the bed and I was on the floor... scrolling through his messages.

2 unknown girls caught my interest.

He never mentioned them to me. He would usually tell me who he hangs out with and where...

So I read... it sounded like 'I wanted to know you' type of thing.

The usual conversation goes...

Where are you...

What are you doing?

Send a picture of himself

What time are you free?

I miss and I want to see you

I'm on the train now...

Some loving emojis he never send to me..

The calls were quite long...

I'm trying to stay calm and writing this with a broken heart...

I know that my part was wrong...but it's a bit too much to digest..

I'm not sure what I should do...

So here I am confessing on the net as a way to release it out..

Pretending to be ok and everything as the way it is...

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4 months ago

Re: Snoop and Pretend

Men are fragile and like sex so we turn to that when things aren't right. Confront him in a chill manner IF you can and ask him why. He probably has a proper reason for this trust me. If he doesn't, let him know it can't happen again or he just might not be the one.

When you're angry when you confront us it makes us even more angry and cold, remember that when you speak to him. But he will understand and empathise with you when you tell him how you feel.

Get through your day 1st tho! And be safe.