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self harm
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so close...

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Hey there uhm im kinda bored and currently crying. great start to this. 0-0 uhm anywayz so im 13 almost 14 and at the end of the school year. i have D's and C's in all of my classes and im getting yelled at every fucking second im living. im so close to offing myself and i literally do not know what to do anymore.

i cant do anything. i ruin everything for everyone and im so sorry about everything. i have medicine and i just dont take it. my anger issues are out of control and my anxiety is sky rocketing. depression is getting the better of me and i just cant do anything anymore like physically and mentally.

i also just got my vaccine the second dose yesterday and ive been feeling like absolute shit these past few days. and ive been doing chores all day and apparently im not good enough to do them.

my dad just came in and apologized to me and that was nice i guess. he never does. but its never him yelling its always my mom. my dad is so much more understanding than her. i think its because he also has the same issues as me. and my mom just thinks that everything has to be right and my child is perfect. i cant live with her anymore. i only have a week and a half of school left and im thinking about just not doing anything i dont even care anymore. i didnt get into my dream highschool so theres no point anymore.

please tell me your veiw on this and tell me. im so close to ending it all.