So I had a talk with my favourite person

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And she made realize something, this while thing here. Anonymous shit and all. It's not me. I'm not happy, cause It's the way things are.

I always feel like I'm a poked, probed, pushed, attacked, questioned with always the need to defend myself. I'm not me, and that's why I disconnected. Cause I can't be me here, or the person that are here.

I like real conversation about real subject with people. Smart conversation, learning sharing. Not jabbing at each other all day long.

Whatever I say here, it's just ignored, walked all over it, and anything to trigger a response or a action from me.

I can't relax, and be me with this group of friends. And what's the use of having friends, if you can't be yourself?

That's where I am at, and why I am questioning the purpose of every single persons in this group.