so im rlly annoyed by my friends

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ok so like a bunch of my friends hv been hanging out w/out me and then when we are texting and i said i was talking to someone else and one of them was like "bruh don't ditch us we're besties." this rlly pisses me off bc like they dont hv any right to be speaking when they hang out with tons of ppl and dont even bother to tell me about it like um ofc i feel left out so could you not?? srsly?? like ive cried about this all alone in my room so many times and im so sick of their shit bc i adore them as friends and i understand we cant hang out all the time but you have no right to speak to me like that. jesus.

i also dont feel comfortable telling them all this abt bc like nobody likes it when you dump emotional baggage on them... i want us to be normal but clearly thats impossible... what do i do guys?

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