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so lonely.

i’ve been friends with the same group of people for the past five years. i stay with them, i don’t know how to socialize with other people and i have severe social anxiety. but even though i should be close, i should be happy, i feel alone. i never feel like i’m apart of the group and i can never open up about how i feel because i’m so scared i’ll be seen as an attention whore. it feels like nobody’s going to be there for me and nobody would care if i killed my self because i’m nobody. nobody would care, nobody knows the real me, nobody wants me. i’m so worthless and such a whore for attention. i just want one of them to reach out and hold me and tell me it’ll be okay because goddamn ive never been supported my entire life. i’m always tossed aside and treated like a doll that no one wants. it sucks.

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Re: so lonely. Chin up!

Jesus loves you! Seek Him and you will appreciate yourself more and more . You will eventually stop thinking like you do and stop trying to find a place in the midst of this group. Cheer up! You may be afraid to socialize with others because you have a fear of not fitting in or not meeting expectations.

Love, a friend