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So sick and tired of this bullshit society

I'm so sick of how basic and standardised society is, how little we tolerate difference these days, how brilliance is dampened and genius siloed into 'socially acceptable' areas like science and technology because God forbid we should have intelligent and original people in the arts.

I have a lot of respect for Jordan Peterson, not necessarily because of his ideas but because of what he represents, which is being unashamedly and defensively intelligent in a world trying to normalise and homogenise the human experience.

If you are different, stand up for who you are. Don't let anyone tell you who you should not be. Don't let anyone squeeze you into a box. Don't let yourself be erased because people can't handle you.

It is because of this that I find a lot of intelligent people tend to hang out with themselves a lot, because a lot of society isn't wired in a way that facilitates genuine connection and stimulation. I can also understand the high anxiety and depression quotient, because you can't find people like you that much, so you get used to being a loner.