So tired of asshat partner

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My partner has anger and mental health issues. I'm exhausted. TIRED of being understanding and supportive. My finances have gone down the toilet because he can't constantly hold a job because he can't hold his temper. He's done tons of therapy and takes mood stabilizing medication. Hasn't stopped the madness.

I'm so over explosive arguments out of nowhere, bullshit diatribes, his low self esteem making me the target of his rage at the world for not being the man he wishes he was. Enough is enough.

We're crammed in 400 sq ft of living space during covid and the lack of separation is making me crazy. I want to tell him to get the fuck out but there are a bunch of things around the house I won't be able to do without him. I feel afraid tell him to leave because I don't have the money to be able to take care of everything. There's day-to-day living needs that I can't manage on my own. I feel completely stuck. Plus, we have a family of three little pets who are so bonded they would be devastated to suddenly be torn apart.

I have a good support network around me but I've left relationships before and at 54 I just don't have the energy to start it all over again. Because when it comes right down to it no matter how many supportive friends one has it's me who has to go through the heartache of letting go and managing everything by myself.

Most of the time the relationship is decent but when we get to this arguing over nothing, explosive out of nowhere, can't predict it behaviour I reach the end of my rope. Today I told him to leave, go move back home with his parents but I know it won't happen. Frankly I'm not prepared if it does.

Lose lose situation. FUCK.