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Social anxiety?-Ⓙ

I don't mean to trigger anyone I promise if it does please avoid this this is to just share my feelings!!

So I have been getting signs saying I might have social anxiety since I am always afraid of being judged, being perfect means no judgement, and I always feel insecure

I also think I have depression since I have wanted to kill myself a couple times or cut myself but I always manage to restrain myself, I really do think if I wasn't born everyone would be happy

I don't want to self diagnose myself either but I also don't know how to ask a professional for help or ask a doctor to professionally diagnose me, do I just ask for them to check if I do or something??

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Re: Social anxiety?-Ⓙ

Hi, I have anxiety too, I think mine is generalised but idk, its an armchair diagnosis, I would never be diagnosed by a professional bc my parents don't believe I have anxiety bc apart from panic attacks, I hide it from them, when I do have attacks, they think I'm being attention seeking and tell me off. I'm too young for 7 cups bc I need perantal permission. I sort of self harm in that I bite my fingertips and I used to bite my nails but I don't now, I also pluck hairs from my head and graze myself with sewing needles. I'm trying to stop. It's hard when you are alone. I have one best friend btw,she helps me, but I still feel alone. I have never had suicidal thoughts though, I think being a Christian helps, but you should always remember that you are loved, you are not alone in this.

Hey stranger I'm the OP of this post

Thanks:) this kinda helped me, I also use bitting my nails as a coping mechanism or rubbing the space between my middle and ring finger helps me

I hope you can better because I'm not really a good person when it comes to encouragement but I really hope that your habits will slowly stop Idk if that sounded mean tho(*´ω`*)

Hi, thanks for your encouragement, I never get offended when people are helping me :), I wish you good luck on your journey, but we could do this together, we are going in the same direction, sorry for rambling about my personal life instead of actually helping. I think a lot of people are ashamed of mental illness. I hope we both find positive coping mechanisms, in fact, I think I found mine yesterday, word carving, I know I'm weird , but I'm currently carving a spoon and I'm really enjoying it, and I'm not damaging my body. I hope you too find a positive coping mechanism. Good luck :)

Hi, I wrote the other two messages, would you like my discord? We sound like similar people and it would be cool if we could chat without creeps watching us, you don't have to aggrre, it's just an idea.

Hey! Sorry I responded kinda late hope you will see this:) sure we can exchange discords(◍•ᴗ•◍)...................................

it's nice to have someone to talk to who can relate to what I am feeling, sorry again for not seeing this for a while.


Hi, I haven't been on here for while either. My discord is Jem Grevbob#6588

Pls can I have a few letters of your user name so i can see who i am letting in?

Thanks for being here, Jem

Hey it's me again I have to find my discord account again, I'm sorry for responding late again:/

I might reply again later to let you see my discord

Again I'm sorry I was late

I hope you will see this again

My discord is pop_pandas12#1801

Ik it sounds stupid:)

Hi, I think I'm kinda late to replying, i haven't been on here for a few days. Don't worry about being late btw, i didn't notice anyway.

I wanted to let you know that i have found your friend request and I'm accepting it rn.