Social Injustice

A Journey from Victim to Survivor

Social Injustice means unequal rights, unequal opportunity, and/or unequal treatment.

“Injustice Anywhere Is A Threat To Justice Everywhere.”Everyone should have equal rights, equal opportunities and equal treatment that can meet their physiological needs. In short, all human beings must have the right to a decent and safe life, but unfortunately that’s not the case. We live in a world full of inequalities. Look at the stats and facts below.

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Social Injustice Facts & Stats

Social Injustice
In most of the cases people who experienced injustice never sought help, and they did not even mention the incident(s) to anyone.

Few reasons why the victims tend to hide the incidence
  • 1. Shame of the experience
  • 2. Fear of losing status
  • 3. Fear of repercussions

The Idea behind Vigyaa Anonymous

We believe that social justice is a fundamental principle for peaceful and prosperous coexistence, within and between nations. Everyone is equally responsible for defending the principles of social justice by promoting gender equality, the rights of indigenous peoples and migrants. We must promote social justice by eliminating the barriers that people face due to gender, age, race, ethnicity, religion, culture or disability. The motto is to close the gap of inequalities to achieve social justice.Raising a voice is the first step towards change. We understand that sharing the unpleasant experience of injustice can be extremely difficult. Hence we decided to create a platform where you can be completely anonymous. No need to register/ login, even we do not track the IP address.

Vigyaa Anonymous is the best platform that gives voice to victims and survivors of social injustice. It’s a safe platform to freely raise voice against social injustice like racial discrimination, LGBTQ Oppression, gender-based violence and so on. Vigyaa Anonymous is a network for survivors to
  • 1. Connect
  • 2. Speak out
  • 3. Listen without judgment
  • 4. Advocate against abuse
Never forget that there is always someone who will be able to relate and someone you'll be able to help. Write your heart out as your story can give strength and courage to others to take a stand. You can also read inspiring and empowering stories that you can relate to.

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