Social Media Distortion

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I need to scream. Working during the pandemic is already stressful enough without others adding their fuel. I choose to not participate in the online world of social media. I just can't! I do not tweet or Instagram or tiktok or Facebook and/or whatever else there is out there. Still, everyone around me is participating and when I go to work, I have to listen to others talk and spread panic and conspiracy when all I want to do is do my job and go home. In the past, people talked about mundane posts and things they'd seen or heard online.....but now they offer their news like it is fact. Now they don't site where they have gotten their information and EVERY SINGLE TIME a piece of info strikes me as absurd or unusual or makes me curious I google it and low and behold, it came from Facebook or twitter. I have never in my life have I had my head filled with such tabloid nonsense until 2020. This is just ridiculous. How can so many relatively educated people be so easily led to believe everything they read. I am so glad I don't do social media. I would like, for once, my research of a particular piece of information, not b linked or have it's roots in posts from the internet's social circles. It doesn't make it fake but it does discredit especially when I research through other sources me find the claims are false. Ugh. It feels so good to just write his out there and vent. Wake up people. Do t believe everything you read. And if you do don't tell me bout it like it is fact.