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Social media over sharing

Is anyone in here ever feel like they over share on Facebook and social media I feel like I’ve told way too much of myself on the Internet and I feel like a shamed about it and like I was literally thinking last night that I want to delete all my platforms the thing is I’m an artist and I make music and how the fuck am I going to sell my music without social media and like so I need it but like I just feel sometimes like people know way too much about me and like and it’s my fault because I put all that shit out there and there’s a kind of comfort in this anonymous post I think that I’m just gonna like post my status is here instead of like posting and blasting too much fucking information to the world what do you all think?

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Re: Social media over sharing

Hey thank you I really appreciate that and it is true and you’re right I shouldn’t be so hard on myself like be nicer to myself because the fact that I’m brave enough to get vulnerable with my emotions on social media has been my strength now like in my addiction I would post pictures of me when I was a prostitute and all these like a horrible sexy slutty pictures of myself I mean they were horrible I looked really good but like I posted all these nude pictures and I was basically a process to you and like I don’t know I don’t do that anymore I’m an artist I sing in the song right but I’m afraid that like it’s going to get in the way of my music career like if I won’t be able to like be a star because of like my bad reputation with

You know we all need some validation from society. As a boy you try to act funny on facebook and other social networks and not share your deep rooted thoughts bcoz.. Yes you are a boy and as a girl you try and look as cute and beautiful with your makeup and everything so that society validates you.

Anyone who rises above this and share his emotion/feelings etc just for the sake of sharing and not for validation has reached the true level to use these sites without getting hurt. So i think you should judge yourself on that and do as it feels right!!