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Social Media Problem

Since the quarantine started it's becoming a problem. My addiction to scrolling and posting is getting out of hand. Since I'm staying in the house more (at my parents house no less, im a grown ass woman, and my grown ass brother is staying here too, we'Ve devolved into a childlike pseudo-teenage-hood again.

I manage all my other drug addictions and food addictions fine, nothing extreme, keepin it all in check. but facebook is another story.

And I thought i had corona last week. got a false positive on the rapid test, then had to wait a full week ISOLATING IN MY ROOM till i got the negative from the nose swab test. In that time i probably spent 8 hours on facebook, 12 hours sleeping, and the rst of the time probably bathroom breaks and staring at the wall.

The thing is EVERYBODY can see how much i post and that i am a fucked up loooooooooser with no goddamn life but there is NO FUCKING THING TO DOOOOOOOO.

And I have lost interest in anything else that is productive or worth anythings, just videos games and social media.

Please, if you know how to do witch craft, put a hex on me that will make me go blind or something so i stop with this shit.

thank you.

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Re: Social Media Problem

😂 sorry I don’t know witch craft 😂 but I think your are far more woke then many others who spend ridiculous amount of time on social media without realising they are wasting their time away. I am happy that you at least see it for what it is.

what I can suggest u to do is just delete the FB app from your phone. U can still login sometimes using ur laptop but u will surely cut the time u spend the time on it. Also if u like reading pick up a book. There is so much to learn on the internet. Pick up an online course that interests you.

i am sure u can break through this habit without going blind. Be strong and don’t beat urself for it. Think about how u can get out of this endless loop.

all the best