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It is 2330 and i suddenly remember something that happened to me when i was just a new nursing board passer and i had my practice at this certain hospital. You see, my family is poor. My father was a trisikad driver and my mother tends the carinderia. We lived thru debts so that my sister and i can finish college then. So our wants such as good clothes or good shoes were set aside because there are more important things such as tuition. We are so grateful for our parents that we think that those material things are really not necessary. So when i passed my board exam i immediately applied in a hospital. We have a 3 months assessment period so we were divided into groups. We have shifting in duty as well. Since im still starting my shoes and socks were worn out and i can not buy new ones because we still dont have salary. We were on Operating Room duty that time and we have to change our duty clothes and shoes to scrub ones. Since my socks are worn out i dont mind because we will be wearing shoes intended for OR only. When our shift was done the other group was in the locker room and waiting for their shift when i noticed that they were looking at my feet and making fun of my worn out, with hole, socks. It offended me but i can not say anything because i dont want to cause any trouble. I know that some of them were from a well off family and they will never understand the struggles my family have to go through just so as we can finish our studies. As for now i still remember it but it just makes me smile. Because those embarassing moments blessed me. Just to share with all of you. My sister now is a Physician. Struggles and embarassment are just spices of life. In the end it is Gods will and plan that will help you through life. Dont give up and be strong. Life is a matter of choices and always remember to let Gods plan take over your life.

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