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Sol and Lune

Her light shines like no other

Her voice brings joy and happiness

She will always be there 

Even on days she is dim

Even if clouds cover the sky

She is there 

While the other

She brings out the light in your dark

She gives soft comfort

She helps stars shine

But she does not always show

And doesn't always give off a glow

One hides your tears

The other makes them go

But both help you heal

No matter where you are

No matter where you hide

They bring out emotions even you can't fight

Yin and yang

Heart and brain

She is Sol

I am Lune

"My sister is like the sun

She gives you the same feeling of warmth that it does

And has the same light it brings

You know she will always be there

Whether there is clouds or not

Where as

I am more like the moon

I give you the same calming and free feeling the moon gives

I give light to the darkness around you

I am a soft lull

And some days you can't see me

But I am there."