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Some Butthead on WordPress violated my boundaries in order to tell me that I had violated his stupid blog rules

Google is really listening to me and really understands my mood. It might have to do with the fact that I have two iPhones and an iPad in my room and these things are probably catching the fact that I’m on fire right now.

An hour ago a Butthead on WordPress had the nerve to use the email that I provided from my comment on his blog to contact me to tell me that I had violated his blog comment rules. What is his rule? Everyone commenting on his precious boring photo blog has to use their real name and their real address. Because he is so precious.

I have a contact form on my blog and I know he doesn’t come to my blog because he’d have seen the comment form and used it. He’s acting like the WordPress blog police trying to make sure everybody is verified before they can leave comments on his blog.

I have almost 10,000 subscribers and I pay attention to each and every single one of them, visit blogs, comment, follow up with people who aren’t posting to see if they’re okay. I am an asshole like that. I blog because I like engagement. So I don’t censor people unless they use banned words. That’s my only rule - don’t use racist slurs or say nasty things about me or others on my blog.

want to know what my comment was about? It was supporting him because he was a white dude going to Raleigh to protest what had happened to that young man who was brutally murdered by police. I’m a person of colour and I felt like he wasn’t using it as an opportunity to promote himself. So he’s saying he doesn’t like racism. And yet, a lot of us dark-skinned bloggers have to conceal our identities and use assumed names because of the racially abusive comments we will get. I promise you every time some jackass decides to make romantic overtures or send me penis photos, and I say no thank you I’m not interested, out comes the slurs. It is always my skin colour that they have a problem with I don’t want to give them head.

So he violates the one rule that we have on WordPress. Do not contact bloggers without their express permission. If someone doesn’t have a contact form on their blog it means they don’t want to be contacted.

Everyone follows this rule except this munktuck. That’s a made up word.