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Some nasty people

There is someone on here responding to loads of people’s messages by putting them down and making them feel like utter shit. Stop attacking the weak and focus on your own problems which is obviously your own lack of self esteem as you have to put others down to feel big.

Some people are on here to ask for genuine help because they have no one else to turn to. They don’t even give the whole story yet you’re here making assumptions about their whole life.

Grow up. If you’re on here to belittle other people, stop. Either say something nice and helpful or fuck off elsewhere

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don’t worry girl, I admire you for speaking your mind!

i admire both of you for talking about struggles because I know how hard it is to do so. Can’t we ignore the hostility and just be nice to each other? The world is too small for hatred to take over

love you both

It is me. Thank you very much for your input and thank you for pointing out my self-esteem issues. Ohhh. There were 14 cries including mine on your response so it means that people are totally loving you lecturing me about how to behave. Slow clap. Thank you so much for reading all of the posts that I’ve posted. You know nothing says validation to me than having people read what I write.

I really hope that you get more cries on your response so that you can feel better about yourself. Although I suspect that calling me out is helping you to get over that hump.

And I’m sure the sex offenders on here are really happy that you are telling me that I am misbehaving because you are so distracted by what I’m saying that you’re not paying attention to them posting their objectionable content on this website.

The world is full of morons. Some morons don’t love themselves enough to stand up to people abusing them. I refuse to lie to people who are acting stupidly.

Keep calling me out - I will be back to read it. Didn’t get any love or attention when I was growing up so you’re going to do that for me aren’t you, for free? I would like you to explain to me how I am supposed to be as a human being. Goodness knows I have no clue.

In the meantime, why don’t you press the report button and report the posts if you feel that my content is inappropriate? That’s what I’ve done to all the sex offenders who post on here. I will be back and hope to see you commenting on posts glorifying sex offenders and underage sex. If you are supportive and understanding of their plight then you’re putting me down is hypocritical. Just like those churchgoers like to preach about the word of the Lord but suck the ministers d*ck at the end of Sunday service.

Go ahead and call out the paedophiles on this website first. Then you have my permission to address me and my behaviour.