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Some random useful sht

Random sht #1:

When someone likes you, or is intrigued by whatever it is you're saying, pay attention to their eyes. How they widen it. How their pupils dilate. They like what they are seeing. They need to let in more light. They have happy crow feet wrinkling from their eyes. They become more animated, they mirror you. Keep this going and soon you'll realize that you match each other's breathing.

Random sht #2:

Crab mentality is sht. Absolute sht. Be aware of it, don't practice it, avoid it.

Random sht #3:

Think of every person as an unexplored country, each with their own population, own flags, own colors, own culture, own climate, own geography, own relations, own history, and own borders. Keep this in mind and recognize that some borders are much more well guarded then others, dig deep enough and any person is interesting.

Keep that in mind and you can choose to never have a boring conversation in your life.

Random note #1: About 60% of the -ehem- "I-think-I-can-call-that-wisdom" above I credit to Robert Greene's "Laws of Human Nature". Bloody brilliant book that one.

Hmmmm... Imma probably post these random facts somewhere else after this. God bless.