some rant

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shit, ive never resorted to writing on a place like this, i dont know how I feel about anything, life is bittersweet, people come and go, you meet new loves, and people try and return. some people hate you with every inch of their being for absotluely no reason. i wish i understood who I was, what kind of person I am. people seem to say im enjoyable to be around, everyone says im a good person but because the thoughts i have in my head i struggle to beleive it sometimes. im so angry at so many people and wish the worst on them, im angry that people took advantage of me and my body. im angry that i let you hate me for no reason and harass me online and do notbing but block you 4 times. yes both of you also. on days like this i dont know what kind of person i am. i look at my facr and i remeber all the happyness, anger, and sadness it has expirienced, i look at myself in the mirror sometimes and get so sad because of how far ive let myself go, my stomach caving in from not eating enough, sleeping in all day. You were different from the rest, you made me feel when i couldnt feel anything, you made me feel safe. im scared to show you who i really am, all the shit ive gone through. would you still accept me?

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