Somebody else

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Hi, it’s literally 1 am and i feel empty or not HSHSHSHA,,, listening to somebody else by the 1975 on repeat.

So, there’s this someone that i like ig, I don’t know, we have this weird relationship yk, no label, we will chat for days then we will stop HSHSHS it goes on for like 3 years. 3 FUCKING YEARS. We both don’t know what’s going on between us and honestly I think he doesn’t deserve me, I deserve someone better. I know it but I keep on hoping or coming back to him, I just IDK ANYMORE. I also know that I’m inlove with the idea of us being inlove but I’m not inlove with him as a person and thats what scares me. What if I hurt him what if we just hurt each other?

IK he’s obsessed with me. But I don’t expect him to replace me after those almost 3 years of unofficial or unsaid relationship. I’m kinda shock and hurt i guess HSHSHS ;(( but we already talked about it. We decided to be friends because he found someone. And I support that. He won’t expect something from me anymore. He’s free now. Im free now. The point of this is maybe its just normal for me to feel sad maybe I just need some space and break and sleep. Yeah maybe i should. I should completely let him go for my sake and for his sake. But I know that he still have feelings for me but I know we will just repeat the past so we better let go. Its for the better. I hope I feel better soon. I can’t answer my homeworks because of this shit HAHSHSHHA

tnx :))