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Someone is a trollop

Someone is a trollop I want to write her name here because I’m sure she’ll suck ten lawyers’ dicks and get them to take this website down. But she’s always on the YouTube channel we all know with that Harvard attorney who has no effing sense who gets all of his news research from Twitter, and who should’ve been cancelled for making sexist comments a few years ago but is right back on the channel talking shit.

She has beautifully made up skin, pouty pink lips and her super big titties showing in low cut tops. She is a serious news journalist ya’all. The only thing I can think of when I see her is her on her hands and knees on an office floor taking it in both her holes.

She’s also hiking up her skirt so you can see her legs all the way up to her thighs when she’s interviewing guests. Only interviews men by the way. And then she attacks men for hating women. People only watch the show because they love looking at her supertits.

I think that is very disingenuous of her to act like her tits are not the reason why she’s on YouTube. If she were body positive and jiggling her titties around, I would respect her. I have never watched her on that podcast without seeing the creases of her cleavage while she pretends she doesn’t care about it.

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Re: Someone is a trollop

Go die in a hole little pig

fucking disgusting keep your fantasies to yourself putrid piece of shit

humans aren't here for your enjoyment

how bout you go to therapy instead of obsessing about people more successful then you

hope you get corona

So anyway the trollop when she sits down in front of the camera she has these really big titties. I have never not seen those titties. Through a blouse. V-neck top. I think she should give them to the mic and let them do all of the talking instead of her.

As I was saying, I imagine her going on all fours and taking it in both her holes by two medium sized cocks and sucking a really wet cock with her mouth. She looks like someone who does anal about two times a day in order to top up her current account. They give people who work at her company expense accounts but I bet the accountants look the other way when she goes in and pulls up her skirt and bends over the desk. I bet one jerks off well the other one is fucking her and she really likes to make sure he can see the cum on her butt. Those accountants those dirty dirty men they just love to watch her getting fucked in front of them. They will overlook anything as long as she performs.

She is small so I imagine that it would be a lot of work to balance on her hands and knees as well as sucking cock and getting pounded from behind. I think one of them or both of the men hold her so she can hold the cock she’s sucking in both of her hands and really take it deep in her throat.

She likes that dude to splooge on her face when he’s done. The next fantasy is to have herself blindfolded and fucked raw by ten average sized cocks in the middle of the afternoon during her lunch break. How much cum can she get on her titties before the clock winds down?

((Go ahead and send me another nasty pig shit day of Corona post and I will tell you exactly how that trollop is going to get fucked in her pussy hole and her anal hole by those 10 cocks while she is blindfolded.))

She looks like a woman who doesn’t wear panties because it will give the executive producer or the main sponsor of the brand less access to her pussy when he wants to fuck her. Contract negotiation time ladies and gentlemen!! I’m sure she gets her vagina washed every single time so that she doesn’t have that stank you aura of just fucked.

And she talks about politics, and how men are always exploiting women and treating them like sex objects. I just saw her in an interview where she was putting down a guy who was telling women that they need to treat themselves better.

And she was crossing her legs in front of the man she was interviewing. Oh and her lips they suck a lot of cocks all day. I would say if she sucks a cock before she goes on air just so when she’s talking she can have an extra edge.