Someone please help me out I pray!

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So this is rlly tough because I have a bf in the military and we have never met he lives in a completely different country to me and soon I have to go and study in university. He really wants me to and move in with him but I’m really busy with studying and graduating. He argues with me all the time about my self harm and he also has those suicidal thoughts. He never really talks to me about his feelings but argues with me when I don’t tell him how I feel. I want him to trust me when he talks to me and I told him that...he just says I need to “earn” his trust. I thought I already have? He always makes me seem like the bad person in any situation. Even if I’ve done nothing Wrong. Whenever I try and be happy is when he seems to wanna argue with me. I really like him but I can’t do this anymore. I feel bad going because I’m afraid he’ll do something bad to himself. I really love him but I don’t want him to hurt himself in any way. He’s going through a lot so breaking up with him wouldn’t be helpful at all. He always talks about his ex and how he made a mistake by leaving her and it’s like, well if you regret it that much go back to her dude. Like, I don’t wanna know about her. I don’t care. He does make me happy though. Even though he’s busy quite a lot with his work he still makes time to call me and talk to me. His family is really nice and I love his family. Eventhough we’ve only connected through zoom calls and stuff but they already seem nice. He doesn’t get to see his family in Mexico either because he’s in the military. I just don’t know what to do in this situation.