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Something is missing

Life has always been tough. Fake friends, f**ked up relationships, college, etc.. but I'm at this point in my life where I just really don't feel sad nor happy I live life everyday feeling like something is missing. I rarely socialize with others and find myself distancing myself from others. I do listen to others when it comes to venting and I'm always there when people need me but no one is ever there for me. I started to realize that people disrespect me alot and they constantly want to tell me who I am and feel the need to bring shit up from the past all the time. Now I'm at this point where I'm peaceful since I don't have to talk to anyone but still feel like something is missing.

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Re: Something is missing

Oh man, I have been feeling like that since forever, that's why now I'm completely alone in my life (besides family, only because I have to really)

I always felt like something is missing or like I'm waiting for something unknown, and I used to listen to people, and I have been in a situation where people looked down on me or tried to use my good side so I just learnt to cut out whoever makes me feel like shit ..

Now I'm turning 24 completely alone and yeah sometimes I get lonely

I probably don't have a good approach in life, but I don't feel like I connect to anyone or I can be close with anyone (surely not with the massive trust issues I have)

But I end up distracting myself with anything that takes my mind off of those thoughts, I have all sorts of coping mechanisms that one supports the other if one fails, I never wanted it to be this way, but during the past at least 5 years I have been through some stuff that made me create these sorts of walls around ..

I know exactly how you feel, and I know exactly how empty that feeling is..

I wish you well..