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Something Isnt Right

My sister has been acting strange lately, quiet, shy, nervous. She's always been the life of the party, super outgoing and friendly. Always happy and cheering everyone up. Now it's like someone flipped a switch. She's not eating, not sleeping, doesn't answer her phone half the time and flinches whenever a notification goes off. I started to suspect she was being cyberbullied or something like that and talked to our mom about it. She didn't seem to think anything was off so I looked through her phone myself. There were no mean texts from friends or bad posts about her on social media, though I could've missed something. I did notice an unfamiliar person on her snapchat, not a name I recognize from school. They have the emoji that means they've been best friends on snapchat for a few weeks and i find this a little alarming, as it might be someone exploiting her or trying to meet up with her claiming to be her age, something like that. Truth is I don't really know what's going on but I know my sister is acting like a hollowed out shell of her true self and I want to help, but it's clear my mom thinks it's all nonsense.