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Something random

Idk what I've been feeling for the past few years. I think there's something wrong with me, but a part of me doesn't think so. I feel numb and identifying emotions is difficult for me. That's why I ask others what I'm supposed to feel in a certain situation or if it's normal to feel a certain emotion.

Sometimes, I feel like it's just loneliness. I also don't know the reason behind why I feel upset and such. I hurt people without me knowing why I hurt them. Putting on a facade is easy. Making different types of me is easy. But, when I ask myself and wonder, who am I really?

Maybe I just need to drown these out by drinking water or sleeping. I could also probably do some activities I used to love. Until then, I must remain a shell without a soul.

Idk, this whole thing I wrote seems kind off cringe...? Smh

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Re: Something random

You are never really alone. There are so many people out here who are just as isolated as you are. We all want to be there for someone and for someone to be there for us. How to bridge the gap?

Try and reach out to someone who can offer you counselling and guidance. That way they can find out exactly what the issues are in your life and if you feel isolated by those issues someone can help you to work your way towards feeling better about yourself.

Here is a warm hug for you and I hope you feel better soon.