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I was 7 years old when I started noticing what was happening, I would hide behind the curtains in the corridor of my house and see my dad get aggressive and hit my siblings it kept going until he got tired or they hid somewhere he couldn’t reach them and it was a habit of mine whenever I heard screaming I would stand there behind the curtain and just get traumatized I always thought it would stop if I keep looking that I could do something but that proved me wrong when I turned 10 and i wasn’t the watcher anymore, it wasn’t as bad for me as it was for my siblings I used to evaluate what ticks him off and avoid it or just not get in front of him and definitely no talking back, one of the places that I could hide was the bathroom it was the only room with a lock even though he broke it down. I grew up now I am 21 inherited his anger issues but I hurt myself not others and I still refuse to tell anyone. All my siblings and my mother don’t know that I know all this they don’t talk to me about it because I am good at hiding my feelings they think I am still innocent and haven’t gotten through it but I only got hit when they weren’t around so I am not surprised why they don’t know about it.

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hey stranger, i don't know who you are exactly but self harm is not good to. i really appreciate that u care so much for others but you need to look after yourself too,so my advise would be to seek some professional help to cope up with your anger issues and i know i am not going to understand your situation since i don't have anger issues, i have just gotten numb over the time so how about you try to talk to the person about what ticks you off so they all can even help you with this...you are an amazing son or daughter but you need to look after yourself.