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Sorry for cussing

Fuck you. That is all. Just fuck you. Fuck you for making me feel less than. Fuck you for making me feel inadequate. I matter. So fuck you. My only regret is that I didn't tell you to fuck off when I had the chance. Fuck face. Go fuck yourself but you'd probably love that. Hell you probably do that all day since you think you so prefect. Fuck you. Just fuck you. Your a fucking fuck. I fucking hate that your words got to me. I hate that I have to fucking vent. Fuck you. I hate how I tried to rationalize that I needed to stop being angry at myself cause of what you said. I hate that you succeeded in making feel bad about myself. Fuck you. Fuck I hate that I'm weak with shit like this. Self esteem was good at one point til fuckers like you. Fuckers who like fucking other people over cause they're fucked up inside. Fuck you fuckers. I'd never do that my bad shit is my bad shit. I don't want to fuck people over. Maybe you're a fucker who's fucked up cause bad things happened. Still. Fuck you. I don't know why the fuck you're fucking fucked up fuckery of a life has to do with me. Fuck...just let me Iive.