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Today, 1st of September 2020,

I have recently come to terms to the fact that I am…falling inlove with a celebrity and it scares me. The way he carries himself with confidence knocks the breath out of my lungs, his words are like lengths and lengths of velvet fabric, those stunning green eyes that I could stare at all day, and just him in general…he makes sparks fly.


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Re: Sparks

This is like me with David Mitchell because every time I see him or hear him I get those sorts of feelings but with me, it's just a crush more or less haha nothing wrong with that, anon. Embrace the feeling! At least with celebrities, there's easy access to content and you can indulge in those smitten feelings. You could always make fan content of the celebrity, like those fan cams, or photoshop some images. Go crazy haha!