Spied on my sister and got caught

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So over a period of time I noticed that my younger sister had a huge bubble but in leggings I mean she walked right past I seen it and got horny she was only 15 I was 20 at the time anyways after that moment a light went off in my head......and a voice said fuck that ...obviously I couldn't but I did want to but I had too settle for just the imagination in my mind and couldn't stop wanking too her. 2 years past and she had turned that ass into an absolute beauty this thing was a hoop let me tell yeah but one day she was in the shower and above the door was see through glass so I went over too the door turned my phone onto video recorder and lifted my phone up ....what I seen absolutely shocked me I could see everything her toned body her tits were all wet with soap . It was amazing I thought she was rubbing soap everywhere I watched for about 7 too 8 minutes then it took a turn....she started washing the soap down and when she finished she left it under her pussy and then sat down in the shower and while the shower head was belting away at her wet pussy she grabs the bottle of shower gel that was kinda oval shaped small at top and got bigger towards the bottom she ploud her pussy put of it 😳I was shocked outside the door not only was I watching but I was pulling my balls and squeezing them so hard it felt so good I didn't want too even pull my foreskin down and inch I was afraid I'd blow my loud instantly. After about 5 minutes she then started too use her fingers then she eventually came and seconds later I could see her on my phone looking up at me . I pulled the phone away as quickly as possible and noticed I'd my torch on the whole time I did I ran into my mom's room pretending too look for my shoes I didn't know what too say . She had noticed the light and started too call my name . Dave ......and again dave louder dave I shouted out yeah ..and she shouted wtf are you doing I clearly seen that light are you actually fucking recording me I went white in the face I froze I was stuttering..eh no no I wasn't...I'm not fucking stupid I seen the phone ...I confessed too her and spent the last ten minutes telling her that I find her very attractive and I've been wanking off too her for years now she was blown away and I showed her the video and told her what I done and for the last couple of minutes of me telling her all this she got so fucking horny herself and it turned her on but little did I know she had too confess something also....she was having sex all the time she loved cock she was fucking married men ....she was only 17 she told me this guy gave her 1000 dollars for her too just spend an hour with him my sister was a shut and guess what ....she said you can have me for free if you want ...that's another story for what happened I'll upload tomorrow

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