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Spoiled kid

My roommates son is a great kid; but spoiled.

His mom just got over Covid. Now she’s off partying again. There’s left overs & canned food; but he’s too spoiled to eat that.

I ate crackers cause I’m poor. I prepared some of their food. I cooked him spaghetti with thick meat sauce. Garlic bread. Set out a piece of strawberry pie. Nice presentation (oh; before that I fixed him a roast beef sandwich he didn’t want). So the food is now in trash.

Another roast beef brought him some fried chicken & rice. He didn’t want that either. So she’s going to buy him something else later. Long drive. Do it when she shops. We live on a mountain.

That fried chicken will set in fridge for a day & then hit the trash uneaten.

He does no chores. Ill grant he’s a happy kid. But he’s 16. How will he survive in this world? His mom always has needed help. Oh well.