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Stalkers anonymous

So if you google “stalkers anonymous “ you get lot of info to help victims of stalking, but you don’t get anything to help the stalkers themselves. I mean it’s an addiction just like any other, and you would think people suffering from the same mental illness would want to get together and talk through it. I have put myself in a mental health program but it’s way too generalized. I need to talk to people that have gone through a similar thing that I’m going through. I guess there’s this stigma that stalkers are violent or whatever, so I guess that’s why people don’t want to help, but really I just want to stop thinking about this person all the time. Also I’m afraid that I’m gonna slip up one day and mention something about him that I know and he’s gonna be like “how do you know that?” And then he’ll be creeped out or freaked out, and I don’t want to upset him or his family in any way. But I just can’t stop digging