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Starting to hate coworker a little everyday

So me, I have a tendency to overwork, usually work early and work til late. but now that I juggle 2 works,

I tried to time manage, one i'll do from 9AM-6PM(regular work from home office work) and another from 6PM-1AM/2AM MAXX(side job).

I try to make my office work task as early as possible so i don't need to cram for every deadline.

So here's the deal,my co-worker, [we'll call him/her "Buck"] usually works late into the day- i notice this cause the documents(Google Doc) that usually involve both of us, I see her being there almost always late in the day. And then by the late afternoon where I want to sign off, she starts commenting stuff, suggesting stuff etc etc. Now i need to extend to do shit.


This always go on and on. So I told myself from now on i'm gonna say that imma sign out or just do it tomorrow, so Buck would be a bit mindful about time.

So I go ahead and say that.. and what does Buck say??

"Go ahead,i'll still be working til late night" --- mind you, our chat room involves other co-workers.

So how does that make me look then?!?!

It makes Buck look like he's the busy one, makes me look like I left there with a ton of work to do when in fact he started working late.

And then when it comes to my turn to work late(since there's really a ton of work).

Usually i'll just follow up in the chat box of our group on some things to get it done.

He goes ahead and find any excuse to leave early.

Like, he feels bad, needs to do errands or some shit.

Mind you again, this happened MULTIPLE times, way way more than it should.

I find it very UNFAIR.

It turns out i'm always adjusting to his timeline and at the end of the day he will be the one to look like he has done lots of the work. Cause he's the LAST ONE to look, send it to people. WTF bro.

I'm very very furstrated and mad, but this is work and I can't afford having drama.