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Statutory Rape

I am a male but still confused about my sexuality and gender but all I know is guys are hot. I was 14 and still am a little under a month after my birthday I downloaded grinder. This guy named Eric was 22 and wanted to meet me. Of course I wanted to go feel like someone actually like me and I was giving him head. Later he asked if he could put it in and I said Shure because I didn't want to disappoint him and I wanted to feel special. He did it was kinda weird but I was expecting something magical. I know this is statutory rape. I feel like a horny monster and I feel like I would really appreciate if someone told me that's it's not my fault and your not a horny monster. I just want someone to answer me if Im a rape victim or sum bad kid.

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Re: Statutory Rape

Well, if you didnt tell him your age and you dont look like a 14 year old, i guess youre just a bad kid and that wouldnt count as rape. Im not sure though but thats how i see it in my own life. But please stop doing this i assure you it is very traumatic to sleep with people you dont know at that age, someting much worse couldve happen. just dont download grindr again or at least dont meet up with anyone. By the way OF COURSE it is not your fault you are only 14 it can never be your fault.