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Ladies, I know when he kisses you the world stops, when he sucks your breasts ever so gently... and travels down and licks the clit ever so softly all logic goes by the wayside. The moment you realize hes well endowed and you are unsure how your body will welcome him hes at the threshold of the softest place on earth.....this gives you a hint of anxiety with butterflies and you stop breathing until he thrusts it in. You dont live with him. You dont know where hes been or who hes been with. You forget after a few drinks you had foreplay and didnt hear a condom being opened. You forget you are about to have sex with every single woman hes ever been with. Meanwhile there are STDs out here that can make you infertile and worse kill you. The deed is done and its too late..... you fucked him every direction and he went all the way deep condom. RAW as they say.

Seven days later you notice a unusual discharge. You notice itching and burning. You notice a smell which is horrendous. You ignore it and then it becomes unbearable. You go to the clinic, you are embarassed so you lie and say youre having abdominal pain on the clipboard as to why you came in.

You tell the Dr. why youre eally there behind that cold sterile door. She tells you to undress. She tells you to lay down and open your legs wide and she takes a sample. She says you will be called with the results. She tells you to be careful because the people carrying dangerous STDs are not who you would think. Meaning these are men with careers, established men and you know a few. You leave humiliated.

You get a call with the results and you go get your prescriptions....this time its curable. You pick it up in the pharmacy drive thru because you are humiliated. The pharmacy tech knows you got Burned. You swear you will be more careful.

Three weeks later you find out youre pregnant. You feel joy but sadness at the same time. Nine months later you find out he only cared about that 10 second feeling. You love your child but you tell yourself you will watch your walk going forward.

The moral of this story is dont let that good feeling cause humiliation and stress when you can prevent it. Find a partner who is willing to commit to you. You are absolutely worth nothing less. Be safe.