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Why are there so many stereotypes surrounding genders?

I hate it. I want to wear make up and play soccer. I was playing a game of soccer a couple days ago and there was only two girls playing. Me and a friend of mine. Two guys were picking teams and I got picked when there was still a couple boys left. And the someone said “ooohhhh a girl got picked before you!!”

Yeah. A girl got picked before a boy for teams in soccer. Did you know that it’s possible for girls to like sports too?

Did you know that a girl can like make up and dresses and pink and also like sports and politics?

The sad thing is, until last year of my life, I didn’t. I didn’t feel comfortable talking or hanging out with the boys in my school as a little girl. They would always play sports and games and I thought I had to like princesses and playing with dolls.

I thought I had to choose.

Liking “girly” things or being a “tomboy”.

But I’ve realized that’s not true.

These stereotypes need to stop. I can like flowers and be a wicked hockey player.

I can do both.

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