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Steven Universe; Agape

Hey, everyone, it's me again, WRITER ANONYMOUS. I know many of you Steven Universe fans probably never want to hear from me, but I have something very important to say. If there's any of you that can get a hold of Rebecca Sugar, please inform her...


I was hurting and I wanted to hurt back. And that hurt made me blind. I didn't mean what I said about her being a "piece of filth" or that her and her husband don't have an unspoken bond. It's just, that whole episode, with everything happening all at once...I completely over-reacted. Be honest, wouldn't you have? What exactly was it I was blind to? AGAPE or Unselfish Love; to love others to such a degree that you place their needs above your own, even if you don't benefit from it or suffer because of it. It is regarded as the highest form of love. I was so caught up in the romantic part, I didn't see it...

Now, it's not whether or not I want Lars and Sadie back together...I just want Lars to get exactly what he deserves for performing such a selfless act.

After all, hasn't he earned it? Again, tell Rebecca Sugar I take back any hurtful things I might have said in that letter and that I should open my heart more. I only ask her that the Power of Love prevail, whatever she decides to do with it. I'd tell her myself, through mail, but I swore (after the first two) that the last portfolio would be my final. And when I make a promise, even to myself, I never break it.

However, I still stand by on what I said about informed attribute. While the show was from Steven's point of view, it was sketchy writing and we had no way of knowing if it was an 'I want my Beloved to be Happy' or not. (Though, given the character's reactions, I'm quite positive it is.) Also, there really was no need to introduce a Scrappy-doo character such as that (I'm still not saying their name) or jumping the shark on so many levels. And there's still the matter of the loss of over three hundred thousand viewers. Sugar's not a fake, but she could have done so much better. Just because I was angry doesn't mean I wasn't right. Again, my deepest apologies to Rebecca Sugar, but it is the Truth.