Stop Asian Hate, Chong!!

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Chong Tracy Lor, why do you keep using names like Tracy Millosovich and Tracey Howard? Aren't you proud to be Hmong or was that all just an act? Why do you lie about being White on your documents when you tell people on Facebook you're Hmong and not White?

You keep saying #StopAsianHate but then you suicide bated Xuweisen from Taiwan on your blog. You told everyone he was a kid or a stalker, but he is Asian. Why are you attacking him?

You keep saying #StopAsianHate but then you badmouth your mom who is Hmong. You keep crying that you want to protect her, but then you call her a narcissist in your videos on TikTok and YouTube and you tell people she beat you with a wooden spoon. Your own mother. How could you lie about your mom like that, she gave you life!

You keep saying #StopAsianHate but you delete comments from your uncle and cousins when they show concern because you blow up at people. Why are you silencing their voices? They love you!

You keep saying #StopAsianHate but then you gave away your daughter and joked about hurting her because she doesn't collect dolls. She's part of you, how could you?

Stop your own Asian hate.

Stop being racist.

Just stop.