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I am genuinely tired of smiling everyday.

Stop asking if I'm okay when you don't actually give a fuck.

You actually thought I would talk if you're being nice.

Being nice does not make you any more approachable.

It's just pissing me off.


Now I feel bad.

I know you're really nice.

But I can't just simply talk about it just because you're nice.

I don't trust anyone.

I stopped trusting anyone since then.

So can you kindly leave this room

and stop invading my private space?

Seeing you smiling and saying everything will be fine when you don't know anything

Well, I didn't tell you anything so how are you supposed to know right

That's the point, I don't need you to know bout it nor I need you to comfort me

This is my battle with myself

I'll do it by myself

I might seem to be depending on myself too much

But I'm fine .

If you would just leave me alone

watch me grow stronger day by day silently

without the need to ask how I'm doing

that would be a great help

It's already hard to fight myself

Now I have to face all these unnecessary stuff

It's a huge burden

So stop

Leave me alone

There's a reason why I haven't asked someone for help

Everyone has their own problems

I don't want to burden them with mine


I believe I can do it myself