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Stop Feeling Sorry. Please.

I hate feeling sorry for myself. I absolutely despise this feeling because it makes me feel so pathetic. So what if I get to see other people happier than I am? It's not their responsibility to take care of my feelings. I don't want any of them to feel what I feel because honestly it sucks. It sucks so much to be sad all the time. And i'm obviously jealous of them being happy. But it's not their fault. I have to handle this myself. I just gotta figure out how without resulting to other measures. Cuz like, been there and it sucked. And it hurt and I don't wanna spiral down that hole anymore. It took me years to get rid of those scars. I'm done. I wanna be happy. That's all I want.

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Re: Stop Feeling Sorry. Please.

I want to thank God because He is my inspiration to keep striving in life and keep striving to provide for my wife and my daughter and hoping someday i get a raise so that I can also support my wife's daughter from her previous husband. I want to thank my company for finding work for me and for taking me to work in their company. I thank the company wherein i am assigned because they pay my company and indirectly gives me a pay. And most especially i thank my peers because partly they make me what i am today. I keep struggling each day for the positive that pushes me up and fought daily the negative things that keeps pulling me down this is an endless BATTLE.. the joys and pains of evolution. And for you who are living and fighting their own hell. My advice to you is to never be pulled down. Always strive up. Strive for excellence and be the best of who you can be. Remember this always. It is only you who can stop yourself and nobody else.