Stop projecting on me.

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Mom, the times you body shamed me and don't even feel remorse. Then lashes out "demanding" me to quit this complex and this "poor little thing" act.

I constantly see you complaining about your body and your hair, please, what you're doing is ridiculous. Who are you to make fun of somebody else's body?

You said mine was perfect only when you wanted to mock your co-worker.

And then there you go again, staring at my face all the time.

Looking at me from head to toes.

Whenever I ask you to stop, you invalidate my feelings. Are you a Supermodel to judge me? Do you have THAT body before pregnancy?

Come on, you don't.

And yet you point fingers, make fun, tear down, accusing of "having no willpower, too busy making excuses."

I know I'm no longer skinny just like I was 13, underweight.

I have a normal weight but I see in your eyes the bitterness. Want to shame me as if I'm a Third Degree Morbid Obesity.

Do you remember what you told me when I was thin?

“Boys like meat and something to grab. You look like a stick, no wonder why they make fun of you at school."

My body was TRANSFORMING! It just wanted to go through this process naturally!

How could you sexualize me like that? I was too young to even think about chasing the boys or showing off skin.

If you're unhappy with your appearance, don't project it on me.