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Stop this s

Stop doing these sins, stop watching porn, stop drinking, stop drugs, realise that this world was not really made out of random particles but we r here for a specific reason, do good things, stop this lifestyle which has no meaning, and think about the day when you will be questioned about what you used to do. What will you say then?

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If only addiction was this easy, please educate yourself and find ways to HELP others. If this world has taught you anything, it’s that “stop” never works. Please if you care about the people “sinning” try to connect with them and find WHY they do what they do, and please for the love of all that is good DO NOT shove it down their throat. If they don’t want your help leave them with words they can look back on. I’m a recovering oxy addict and I refused family help from 14-17 and it took my OWN realization to get over it, what my mother told me stuck with me for the 3 years and I finally decided to listen to the small advice she tried to give me and it turned my life around. I can guarantee if she had kept pushing and pushing and pushing I never would’ve listened

I think I am addicted to it. Got introduced to it at a very young age of 8. Now, I need help. The reward of getting to grow up with negativity all around me. Curse those nitwits. Pls, contact me at: https://wa.link/kmfrgr.

Thanks a lot.


Darn friends.

Help me.

Thanks again.