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Why don’t people STOP working ?! This sounds crazy you’re thinking.... naive, stupid? Just hear me out. If you’ve taken any time to educate yourself on the current status of things. We do not live in a free country. We are living lives of quiet misery. I could go into all the details in the world but I’ll move on for now. People do have the power but we do not exercise it. I think people don't even know where to begin. But we have numbers on our side, and in a capitalist system, we have money. The ONLY way people could truly change things is if millions of us banded together and STOPPED feeding the machine. It would take time to rally people up but it could happen via modern technology. Think about it. If people stopped working, stopped spending... even for a short time.... the system could not function!! It simply couldn’t. Now some people like hospital workers may need to opt out so that basic necessities could be cared for. But most people do not fall into that category. We ALL need to band together, decide as a people what we want and basically stop EVERYTHING until we get it. Some examples: abolish Citizens United, no more big business and special interests ruling things, green energy, no property taxes!!! etc Property tax is another prime example of how you’re not free. Don’t pay - they take your home... you literally have no choice but to feed into this system. People are SO brainwashed thinking they have choices. Ok yes, you have choices in products and services, LOTS of choices... too many choices in fact! But you have little too no choice in the WAY in which you want to live your life. And things within this construct continue to get worse and worse. I’d like to be able to own a home with land outright before I’m 70, how about you??? I’d like to not have to pay taxes just to stay there after paying my home off. And pay to a corrupt government that does not even have my best interest at heart to boot. Many, many changes need to happen but WE can change it. Not by “voting” like some may have you believe. What a joke!! We have the means for radical change and QUICK change at that!!

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You would also need to replace an entire value system which has given individual purpose to competition and heroism. A lot of people (me included) are scared to step off this treadmill because in my country at least, people who want to create a new way of living do not have safety in numbers and there is not a sufficiently stable community to permit this fully. Now we have abolished value systems that used to come from Christian morality, it is very difficult to tell where people stand collectively any more. Although the principle of a people-led system is great, in practice this is quite difficult because somewhere along the line you would need to have a values system so that people-led communities are safe places that protect the vulnerable. Sadly, there are bad eggs even in 'enlightened' society and the dark side of man is hard to dictate or eradicate, especially in terms of community organising and a people-led society. One of the arguments for the system is for public services and the preservation of public law to protect the vulnerable. If I were to have things my way, I would nationalise the health service, law firms and pharmaceutical companies and introduce transparent big data systems to keep track of transactions to make sure key data is always documented and available in cases of investigation or just to ensure the right money and effort is going to the right places. In my country, public services are hugely inefficient and we have been going through the process of de-nationalisation for about 4 decades. There is also a funding problem and that is why a lot of policies where I live have historically been in favour of a consumer-led economy. But it is essentially evil and consumer capitalism is designed to ruin communities and keep us all compliant to a form of wage slavery. If the system stopped and we stopped working, that would work to a degree but we also need to completely re-organise and legislate housing, which could not happen overnight. And the cultural change from a competitive to a community-based society would take a long time to take place. I am completely in favour of a community-led system where value comes from service rather than money, but it would take generations of freedom fighter-type people to completely overhaul the housing system, the public budget and, crucially, heal the sickness that we all have from living in a sick society that sells us false promises whilst also selling us into slavery. I also believe it would not be enough to do this outside of the system, there would also need to be enough publicly-interested intelligent people who want to reform services and replace greed-based systems with public service solutions, but in a much more powerful and grounded way than has been done in the past (insofar as a lot of social initiatives these days rarely gain traction and funding because those with a lot of wealth tend to sneer at public services). If there were enough people ditching capitalism fighting alongside people on the inside working to reform the economy and public services, there is a chance of success in my opinion, but the two would have to be in tandem, if only to be able to fight the backlash in more 'official' means. In my country, people are protesting against the government and are being arrested in droves. People living in alternative communities are also being driven off their land and people trying to protect the environment also being oppressed. It's not safe for us to stand up and create a new system without some assurance and legal backing that it is possible to build a safe and sustainable life without consumer capitalism. At the moment, government repression is very real and it is probably because of this that more people don't dare to do anything about what is happening, because there aren't yet enough numbers to create real and sustainable change.