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Story of a simple man

Well this happened a month ago, i was travelling and i see this beautiful girl in the train... initially i played tough and ignored her.. but then somehow our eyes gets in contact and she smiled... i smiled too.... then i went to her and introduced my self, her name was emily.. we talked throughout the journey. We shared our numbers. And that evening i called her, but it was not her number.... i mean what the hell? Why did you give a guy a wrong number... ?? Things were going pretty well.

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Re: Story of a simple man

Enjoyed reading the story so much. I met so many men like you, a woman is paying you no mind, you go over try talking to her, she feels scared. What does she do?

She tries to appease your ego by engaging and polite conversation so that you don’t attack at her. When a woman smiles with you and talks back to you when you approach her, most of the times they’re afraid of you and they don’t want to trigger you.

I know you asked for her number. So she has an opportunity to escape. If she gave you a wrong number, it’s because she felt that you were a total creep. It doesn’t matter if you weren’t being a creep. Also, not because a woman smiles at you doesn’t mean she wants to suck off your cock and allow you to stick your finger in her asshole.

kind of sick and tired of you men always assuming that because I woman smiles at you she’s into you.

met this asshole from Saudi wants. And he spent two days in Denmark, and he swears up-and-down to this very day, that if he had spent five minutes talking to a girl who was looking at him, she would’ve been his girlfriend and he would’ve been her husband and they would’ve been happily ever after married. This man has absolutely no capacity to read the room. And not only that, he is totally deluded as to how attractive people think he is.

You remind me of that guy.